The benefits of TCD’s technology partnership:

On-line support from TCD means that you can enjoy faster service, speedier responses and efficient running systems.

  • TCD’s web based job tracking system lets you know exactly what we’re doing for you, when and how.
  • A single point of contact ensures project accountability.
  • Behind the scenes, we’re constantly reviewing the very latest new technologies, to see where they can work for your business

In short, TCD’s service offering is distinguished by its strong client focus; by its commitment to long-term relationships with all clients, in which we do our best so that you can do your best.

Empower your business with the right technology.

TCD understands that every business is unique – with different needs, diverse markets and dissimilar working environments. Whether you’re after an easy, ready-made solution or a range of services customised specifically for your business, we have the answer.

Have a look at some of the possibilities inherent in our range of services:


Access your information from anywhere, via technology that allows you to work from home, on the road or from your branch office. TCD will engineer a cost-effective solution to meet your specific needs. We use much of the technology in our own office and can demonstrate it’s potential to make you more profitable and productive.


An effective network should be transparent and steadfast, yet largely invisible. We’ve seen poorly designed networks or unreliable equipment cripple IT systems and ruin productivity, which is why we prioritise creating networks that don’t let you down.


You’ve probably been hit by more than one computer virus in your time, so you understand that ‘connection’ means exposure to threats – some malicious, some greedy. We can protect you, by assessing your needs and employing the necessary measures.


Technology changes so rapidly that making the right choices can be tricky. But TCD gives you qualified, professional and cutting-edge advice, so that your IT budget goes further, in line with both your current and future business needs.